learning expectations

A St. Joseph Student is a vibrant Catholic who:

• Applies religious knowledge and values to daily situations.
• Celebrates diversity and demonstrates mutual respect.
• Prays daily and participates in liturgies and service projects.
• Is responsible, honest, and independent.

A St. Joseph Student is a life long learner who:

• Thinks critically, uses knowledge and resources to make decisions and solve problems.
• Is focused, self-managed and well organized.
• Is able to learn from both success and failure.

A St. Joseph Student is an effective communicator who:

• Is articulate in both oral and written language.
• Uses information to initiate discussion, evaluate issues, and takes appropriate action.
• Understands the importance of listening and responding compassionately to others.

A St. Joseph Student is a responsible citizen of God’s creation who:

• Appreciates the wonder and beauty in all things.
• Is aware of local, national, and global issues.
• Is a caretaker of the environment.
• Lives for peace and justice.

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