Father Timothy Do


Mrs. Alamo-Ng


Mrs. Fessler

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Gilboy


Mrs. Grant

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Okerman

First Grade

Mrs. Maldia

First Grade Aide/ESC

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Second Grade

Mrs. Winzenread

Second Grade Aide

Ms. Dutton

Third Grade

Mrs. Fuentes

Third Grade Aide/ESC

Mrs. Teixeira

Fourth Grade AM

Mrs. Knapp

Fourth Grade PM

Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Fourth Grade Aide

Mrs. Constantine


Mrs. Finlay

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Torres

Fifth Grade Aide

Mrs. Perez

Sixth Grade

Ms. Fuentes

Sixth Grade Aide

Mrs. Martinez

Seventh Grade

Mrs. Gutierrez

Seventh Grade/ESC

Mr. Bettencourt

Eighth Grade

Mrs. Liebanas


Ms. Brown.


Mrs. Smathers

6-8 Grade & Science

Mrs. Bechtel

Physical Education

Mrs. Berg

Office Admin

Mrs. Morand

Business Office

Mr. Negrete

Facility Maintenance

Mr. Gutierrez

Facility Maintenance

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