Welcome to St. Joseph School! On any given day, visitors to our campus will witness our mission in action.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to promoting and living out Catholic values and invite students into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Our students are the light of God’s love to the world through their warm smiles, inquiring minds, kindness, and hearts of service to others. Teachers  and staff exemplify our Schoolwide Learning Expectations as they teach and live out what it means to be a vibrant Catholic, life-long learner, effective communicator, and responsible citizen of God’s creation. The generosity of parents, alumni, and friends enables us to meet the various needs of our school community. It is the commitment of all who have come before us and continue to support St. Joseph School that ensures we keep the spirit of Catholic education, the lessons taught by the Presentation Sisters, and the love of Jesus Christ close to our hearts.

Thank you for choosing St. Joseph School for your family. We are blessed to have you on this journey of faith with us. We pray God will continue to bless you and all at St. Joseph School and Parish.


Mrs. Sandra Alamo-Ng, Principal   –      Mrs. Audrey Martin, Vice Principal

SJU Alumni “ENRICH” our school and

“ENRICH” our students love for learning!

Teacher Profile Videos

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Remembering Nano Nagle

Featuring Mrs. Abraham & all 7th graders

Nano Nagle “Lantern Garden”

Prayer Service on Nov. 18, 2022…

St. Joseph School Intro Video

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Mrs. Alamo-Ng, Principal/ Mrs. Martin, Vice Principal

Mrs. Berg, Office Manager

Mrs. Morand, Business Manager

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