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Student Council

St. Joseph Student Council

The Student Council is a group of 7th and 8th grade students. They are elected by students from grades 3-7. Their primary function is to oversee and organize student activities throughout the school year. They meet weekly to plan events and they are a self supporting group, using different fund-raisers to pay for these activities. The annual events that they sponsor are two “Socials” (7th and 8th grade dances), three Pep Rallies, Catholic Schools Week, the Shamrock Hunt, and Student Council Elections. Other activities that they have held are school picnics, Mission Drives, Fun Days, welcoming activities, Food Drives and school liturgies. They preside over the monthly flag ceremonies, giving out awards for ecology, monitoring spirit points, announcing the sport teams’ standings and acknowledging students’ birthdays. Different fund-raising activities have included candy and ice cream sales and raffles. It’s fun for all the students.

2018-2019 Student Council


2018 – 2019


Augustine Rodriguez

Vice President

Mary Larson


Joshua Summers


Jesse Sanchez

Religion Commissioner

Sara Parmental

Publicity Commissioners

Diego Guerrero and Jacquelyn Santiago

Spirit Commissioners

Francesca Castro and Austen Straite

Ecology Commissioners

Anthony Garcia and Katherine Skeers

Technology Commissioners

Elias Alamat and Nora Miller

Special Events Commissioners

Lauren Sanchez and Mark McFadden


Class Colors           Mission Months

K-GREEN                                             October

1-YELLOW                                            November

2- BLUE                                                December

3- PURPLE                                          January

4- ORANGE                                         February

5- PINK                                                 March

6- RED                                                    April

7- YELLOW                                           September

8- GREEN                                              May