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A day of Tango.
Today October 23, in Spanish club our 5th graders made a beautiful thank you card for the tango teacher we had last week.
We played bingo and had prizes!
The kids also made puppets with the help of Mrs. Liebanas who brought and prepared all the materials for them! Everything was made of recycle items!
Overall it was another fun Monday !


“I love Spanish because I get to learn about my culture.  The teachers are nice and teach us a lot.”
- Isabella
“I love the Spanish Club because it really explains the culture of Spain, Mexico, and many other countries.  We get to try new foods and learn new dances.  The Spanish culture is amazing and I love learning it.  The teachers are awesome, I love them.  This is why I love Spanish Club.”
- Jenna
“I like the culture and the kindness.”
- Gianna
“A couple reasons why I like the Spanish Club are because I get to try new things and learn new things.  One more reason is because we get to learn how to make different foods.”
- Jasmyn